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Inclusive higher education is a mechanism for ensuring equal opportunities for persons with disabilities in all segments of everyday life – employment, personal growth, participation in local communities etc. Inclusive higher education will improve social inclusion and cohesion in general.
Significant reforms of higher education in South East Europe started in last decade with joining the countries of the region, first of all in the Bologna Process but also in the organisation of higher education in general. All relevant actors must be aware of all aspects of social dimension, including disability, and their responsibility in the implementation of inclusive higher education.
Since its foundation, the Association of Students with Disabilities actively works on the establishment of inclusive education at all levels. In line with this, it provides different forms of support to students with disabilities, this resulting in a better quality of education and a better student standard, but also to high school students with disabilities through briefing and encouraging them to continue their education at universities and high colleges.
Also, through various project activities and public appearances, it stimulates inclusive primary education by empowering local governments and teaching staff to work actively on improving the quality of primary education of students with any type of disability by providing the conditions for the implementation of inclusive education programmes.

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