Assistive Technologies

Assistive or assistant technologies imply every product, a spare part or a system, regardless of whether it is used in its original form or it is modified and adjusted, which is used in order to enhance, maintain or improve functional capabilities of persons with disabilities (Encyclopedia of Disability, Gary L. Albrecht, University of Illinois, Chicago, USA, 2006).

Apart from the products which are pre-designed as an accessory, every object around us can be used as an accessory if its original or modified purpose enables a better functioning of a person. Assistive technologies allow the persons using them a greater degree of independence and autonomy, a richer and more active life. They also enable the access to the activities that would otherwise remain utterly inaccessible or hardly accessible without the use of these products.

Here we will present assistive technologies classified into the following categories:

  • for everyday life
  • communication
  • auditory
  • for sitting and positioning
  • for transport
  • IT
  • for learning
  • for reading
  • for environment control
  • ergonomic
  • for recreation
  • orthopedic.
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